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Crystal 101 - Where do I keep my crystals.

Home is where my Crystals are...

Crystal by arura

You're really excited about your new stones.. You've got them home, and the first question people ask is where do I place them ? There are many ways to use your crystals, you can always experiment, but here are some basics.

Relationships - Place these by your bedside, of in areas of gathering. For romantic relationships, keep them by the bedside, or you can put a family quartz in your living room, to mantain harmony and togetherness. Relationship Stones – Rose Quartz, Moonstone (for couples),Twin or Tantric Quartz . Family Quartz.

Relationship Stones

Money + Abundance + Career and Focus

Keep these at your place of work, desk drawer, or money box. Carrying one in your wallet, can help attract opportunity. Crystals associated with Abundance – Citrine, Green Aventurine , Ametrine, Pyrite.

Career and Focus – Tiger Eye, Pyrite, Carnelian , Lapis for those who work in public speaking.

Health and Well Being Keep these on your person or by your bedside. You can also carry them in a pouch. You can also keep these in the center room of the home- bringing health and harmony to all. Keep them along with a smoky quartz or Tourmaline to clear out any negativity absorbed.

Calming stones for Insomnia and Anxiety.

By your bedside for a good nights sleep. Stones to use. Selenite, Amethyst, Angelite. Place grounding stones on the foot of the bed. – Smoky Quartz or Black Tourmaline.

Crystal stone