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what is crystal healing 




How can a rock heal ? This is a question I get asked often and it’s important. Sometimes I find it hard to explain, so bear with me.

Science and medication work on a chemical level and are absolutely necessary for our well being. But science has discovered, that the universe is primarily made up of energy. We cannot see this energy- just as we cannot see the wind, or the force that grows an acorn into an oak tree. But it is there. This energy is present in all living things, including crystals and most importantly the body.

Over time science has replaced faith for us due to the dogmas and dissatisfaction with organized religion… and those phenomena that cannot be explained without the assistance of science, are considered anomalies, and fields such as energy healing are considered a pseudoscience. This is slowly changing though...

We feel that humans are the most intelligent species on the planet. We do not take into account that plants too communicate in their own languages, in fact, trees have their own communication network- spread over large distances. (watch the talk here)  If we were to put our egos aside for a few moments and contemplate on the wonder of the universe daily, perhaps we would change the way we perceive life.

We have two hemispheres in our brain. A right and a left. The Left brain is what is the logical brain, while our right brain is where creativity and out-of-the-box solutions occur. The Right brain is where we actually connect with the larger mysterious force – call it God or Source or the Universe- It is an intelligent being. Experiments on meditating monks have proved that the frequencies of the brain change when we meditate. These frequencies are what are present in crystals.


crystal by arura
how do crystals work

how does a crystal work 



" Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. " - Albert Einstein

Crystals have a perfect internal structure that help them maintain frequencies / energies  that are conducive to our well-being. They are fixed and unchanging. They are like two way radios – picking up signals (energies from their surroundings) and transmitting unadulterated energy out.  Certain crystals vibrate slower, while some faster. If you hold a piece of Kyanite in your hand, you can likely feel its pulsing energy.

Our body too has an energetic field, both internal and external. This is known as the Aura. It also has particular energetic points distributed through the body known as chakras. These chakras govern various functions, and organs in our body. They operate at different energy frequencies, which correspond particular crystals.

crystal by arura

A rock by itself cannot heal you. It will not cure your ailment, or bring a job opportunity into your life. This might sound like a counterproductive statement to make on a website dedicated to crystals . In truth , crystals are tools and supplements that help us access our own healing abilities. NEVER REPLACE TRADITIONAL MEDICAL TREATMENT  for serious health issues without thought and consultation. Medicine is a wonderful science on it's own and has its own place. 


We were created to live in harmony, man and nature. The same intelligence that makes your wounds heal when you hurt yourself, is present in you as much as it is in a crystal. The difference being, with our ability to think, we make choices and we are often governed by emotion. This causes us to lose our equilibrium and feel low. 

The same applies to physical health. Science agrees, that when we are stressed, we are more susceptible to illness as our bodies natural immune system weakens.

crystal by arura
arura crystal

 In the course of my own journey with crystals, and my own health issues which have taught me more about the process of healing first hand... what I experienced was shifts in my energy, through the use of crystals. They helped me come back into balance, emotionally first and then physically.

There is a phrase that was coined in the 18th century.

"Of the dominion of mind over matter. Our thoughts have the ability to effect matter around us." 

Working with crystals, will teach you how as we align our energies, we can heal our lives, change our thoughts and attract those opportunities and improve our health and relationships.

There is so much more to write, but it cannot be all put on one page. So we hope that your interest is piqued, and you will explore the world of these beautiful stones.

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