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ZODIAC  :  Scorpio, Sgittarius, Pisces

planet  :  Venus, Neptune

Used by Shamans and Native American people, Turquoise has captured the imagination of humans for miillenia. Say turquoise, and one thinks of soothing clear water, and Native American tribes. Turquoise has always been a popular and highly valued stone not just for its beauty, rarity but its metaphysical properties too.

its beautiful blue tones represent the serenity of the skies , soothing waters and the blue ray of creativity and spirituality. Turquoise is a stone that purifies the emotional body.

It was highly valued by the Navajo Indians who considered the stone sacred, and used it in ceremony and important ritual. it has been turned into jewelry and adornment by cultures as old as the Inca Aztecs who made masks of it. 




*protect the aura from outside influences

*uplifts the mood of those with depression

*stabilizes mood swings and promotes inner peace

*prevent panic attacks

*helps with cell regeneration

*heals the eyes, and clears sore throats

*alleviates stomach cramps and pain


Turquoise can be given as a symbol of friendship, and romantic love. Use it to understand the self, balance the throat chakra, and increase intuition.


colour Blue, blue-green, green

joy, self worth, creativity, protection


throat + third eye

turquoise stones


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