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ZODIAC  :  Aries, Leo, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius

planet  :  MARS

Rubies or Solar Plexus have been cherished over the ages, as treasure, by royalty and the the common man alike. A good quality ruby is a highly prized gem. It is said that there was a time when Rubies were prized higher than Diamonds.  Yet little do people know , this stone that occurs from shades of pink to deep red, has strong healing properties.



*brings courage to an otherwise weak nature, inspiring one to take action for ones beliefs

*invites passion into your life, and helps you discover your soul purpose

*stimulates the base chakra injecting a strong dose of vitality

*can be used for blood disorders and depression

*eliminates negative energy and anger



Ruby should be avoided by those with ADD or ADHD as it can be overstimulating. A stone of abundance, it invites a prosperity mindset, helping attract abundance in all forms.


Some rubies exhibit the phenomena of the appearance of a six rayed star within the stone. These are known as star rubies and are available as cabochons.


colour pink to blood red variety of corundum that is  transparent to semi-opaque.


passion, courage, wealth and nobility


solar plexus


solar plexus

Ruby Crystal
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THE PASSIONATE energies of Rubies combined with the empathetic vibrations of Zoisite make this a wonderful stone for heart healing. It is a positive stone, that opens the heart to compassion yet at the same time bringing passion and positivity to your life.  

It strengthens your connection to nature- and opens you to beauty around you.



*teaches you to accept and attend to your physical needs along with your emotional needs. 

*helps to instill gratitude for all you have

*brings balance to the heart and head- preventing you from taking extreme action

*encourages you to understand yourself 

*awakens your spirituality

Wear it at the heart chakra in a pendant to amplify your energy.



colour red / pink rubies in light green 


happiness, gratitude, positivity, spirituality

Ruby in zoisite

solar plexus

 Ruby zoisite


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