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Rhodocrosite Stone

ELEMENT:  water, fire    

ZODIAC  :  Scorpio, Leo 

planet  :  mars

Strawberryand rose pink, occurring in bands or swirls, Rhodocrosite is a stone of love and joy.

It helps to balance life between the material and spiritual planes , which if left unattended leaves one lost in either extreme. It expands consciousness to open the heart to compassion. This is a good stone for those grieving, who have lost a loved one, or are sensitive in nature. Use it to clear the Solar Plexus and base chakra of lower vibrational energies. 


*creates a positive attitude to life and self love

*a supportive stone for those that feel unloved

*heals trauma from sexual abuse

*identifying self limiting behaviors(learned), and irrational fears- often due to wrong thinking

*attracting a soulmate

*acceptance of both positive and negative emotions.


A note on soulmates:

Soulmates are often thought of as romantic partners,our other halves. In truth, soulmates can be non romantic but on the romantic front, not all partners are meant to last. Each one comes to teach us an integral lesson that we need to learn. Once we accept that lesson, we move on to the next one . This isn’t to say that no one is meant to be together, but it is a choice we make.. and no relationship is perfect until we understand that we are all mirrors of each other. Rhodocrosite helps you to understand the lessons of a relationship whether romantic or not and release your shadow feelings. Too often we fall into a victim mode that takes us no where.


*Rhodochrosite relieves asthma and all other respiratory problems. It will purify the circulatory system and kidneys. It will improve your eye sight and normalize blood pressure. It will improve an irregular heart beat, invigorate the sexual organs. Rhodochrosite relieves migraines - place at the back of your neck.

colour Pink, rose-red, cherry-red, yellow, yellowish gray, cinnamon-brown, may be banded


compassion, positivity, lightness


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