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 malachite Stone

ELEMENT:  fire    

ZODIAC  :  Scorpio, Capricorn

planet  :  Venus

Beautiful shades of Emerald, swirling around in waves and circles... A powerful healer and transformer crystal, Malachite has been popular thought the ages used by the Egyptians, and the Czars of Russia.

A Heart Chakra Crystal, It heals at a deep level, bringing to light unconscious blocks that may be holding back our growth.  

Being a green stone, it represents the Devic Realm and rules all things material. Malachite that contain circular band formations is said to protect one from negative influences and promote psychic visions.


It sometimes grows in combination with Azurite, and sometimes with Chryrosocolla.  Together these stones have their own unique properties. 




*Heals on both the physical and emotional level, drawing out impurities, and stimulating Life force

* A stone for travelers, it protects you on all journeys, inner and outer , and helps overcome the fear of flying.

* Used for women to relieve cramps, and to ease labor during childbirth

*connects to female reproductive organs and treats sexual disease and trauma caused by abuse.

*Releases behaviors and relationships that are no longer serving your growth

*balances the hear chakra opening the heart to abundance


colour​   Bright green, dark green, blackish green, commonly banded in masses; sometimes occurring with chrysocolla


unblocking, growth, nature, trust


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