lapis lazuli

solar plexus + throat + third eye

Reminiscent of royalty, and mysterious star filled nights...Lapis Lazuli  resonates with  truth and enlightenment healing the throat chakra and activating the pineal gland. A highly sought after stone, Lapis occurs with golden flecks of Pyrite or Calcite deposits (white ).  Deep blue, pyrite included stones are more valued, while the white calcite included are considered a lesser quality. 

For healing purposes, both stones are equally valued. 

Many are drawn to this stone, not just for it's color blue due to it's own powerful energy. We all long to awaken our intuition , and have the courage to speak our truth, voice our opinion. Lapis is the right stone to help you do this. 

Not only will it help you have your say, but it encourages one to reason, and speak with wisdom. 



*relieves anger and negative thoughts

*increases  self confidence (being stones of royalty)

*develops ones natural intuition and meditating with it can bring forth past life visions

*helps shy and reserved people speak out for their needs

*helps you express your creative side and speak your truth in a loving manner

*Lapis is a protective stone, and is said to ease nightmares and promote a good nights sleep


Lapis gets its  name comes from the Persian word 'Lazur' meaning 'blue stone',  

Use Lapis when you need to make decisions for the highest good of all involved, and are looking for clarity in a situation.

Colour: Deep Royal Blue with flecks of Golden Pyrite, or white Calcite


​  self confidence, meditation , intuition, clarity


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