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Jasper Crystal


ELEMENT:  fire    

ZODIAC  :  Scorpio and Aries

planet  :  Pluto, Mercury, Mars

If nature were to paint it’s reflection in stone- it did so in of the most beautiful, varied Crystals to be formed. A strong connection to the earth, also known as The Supreme Nurturer.

Jasper will enhance ones connection with nature, asking you to reflect on your relationship with your surroundings.. Its vibration is steady and nurturing, providing solidity, comfort, joy, passion depending on it’s various types.

It has been used since ancient times, by priests, shamans and warriors alike.. traceable to most civilizations. The Egyptians used Jasper to aid safe passage after death, while the Native Americans believed it brought rain.


*stimulates life force or chi

*is extremely grounding and nurturing in times of stress

*activates the kundalini

*heals sexual issues


colour: various

protection, kundalini, nurture

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Blue Jasper

throat + third eye 

Blue Jasper

Blue Jasper forms in various shades of blue, often swirled with dark patches or veining, and is sometimes artificially treated to enhance the color. Linked with nobility of spirit and purpose, it imparts the courage to speak out against injustice and to risk unpopularity to defend the vulnerable. It is the perfect anti-stress stone for those in charge of others’ well-being, and for older children and teenagers to carry to resist being led into unwise behavior or risky situations.

purpose, honour, truth, serenity



Brecc Jasper

A powerful stone, Brecciated Jasper (Jasper containing Hematite), is predominantly brick red, veined or patterned with brown, black and beige, often with clear crystal inclusions. Its strong, grounding energies are remarkable for attaining emotional stability, and bouncing back after dealing with a conflict or crisis. It increases vitality and rejuvenation, and promotes self-confidence and creative inspiration.

Use Brecciated jasper to heal any sexual issues or traumatic experiences. 

confidence, grounding, kundalini, passion

YELLOW jasper

solar plexus 

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper is mustard, sandy or burnished yellow with subtle flow patterns or veining. It is a stone of endurance, perseverance and tenacity, and shields against others’ negativity. Worn for long periods of time, it eases chronic worries and builds self-confidence, attracting others for friendship or to help with a goal. It supports steady learning, and transmits healing and empowering Earth energies, especially when meditating outdoors.

endurance, positivity, carefree

Elephant skin Jasper


Elephant skin Jasper

This stone is actually a combination of shells, sand and other materials compressed together at enormous pressure. Because of the varying degrees of hardness in the stone, it is difficult to give the surface a smooth polish.

Often, the same stone can be known by different names depending on the person who is describing it. In addition to being called Elephant Skin Jasper, this stone is also known as Arabic Script Stone, Miriam Stone, Cobra Stone and Calligraphy Stone.

It is connected to the Earth and encourages a deep ecological awareness. It brings stability and balance, and is particularly grounding as a worry stone, or for dissolving a sudden rush of fear, anger, or panic. It facilitates deep meditation and centering, and grants access to past lives for karmic healing.

enviornmental issues, worry stone, deep meditation, karmic healing


orbicular Jasper


Orbicular Jasper

Orbicular Jasper describes several varieties of Jasper displaying perfect circles throughout the stone that create its focal point. Its flow of energy is steady, and encourages patience and the acceptance of responsibility. A helpful stone for getting things done, it is particularly conducive to pursuits based on service. The circular markings resonate with circular breathing and make a wonderful transitional aid in meditation. Orbicular patterns are most prominent in Ocean or Sea Jasper, Leopardskin Jasper, and Poppy Jasper

focus, patience, self responsibility , service, completion

leopard skin jasper


leopard skin jasper

This stone is Orbicular Jasper, usually in dominant shades of green or orange, with dark leopard-like banding and glassy inclusions. It reflects the duality between dark and light, teaching one to recognize dark as a complement to light rather than the opposite. This is a shamanic shape-shifter’s stone, helpful in journeying and getting in touch with one’s power animal. Leopardskin also strengthens the sense of self, attracting the right energies into one’s life to heal and move beyond past traumas, while being guided to new opportunities.

personal power, transformation, shamanism, moving forward

mookaite jasper

solar plexus

mookaite jasper

mookaite carries a predominantly reddish-rose color, marbled or striped with bands of yellow, cream, tan, white or brown; named for the Mooka Creek area in Western Australia where it is mined. Mookaite is an Aboriginal Mother Earth stone known for its healing and connection with the positive energy currents of the Earth. It increases life force in the physical body, and promotes an ageless spirit willing to accept change and seek new experiences. It awakens the energy of one’s own instinct, and is an excellent stone for pregnant parents to communicate with their unborn child

life force, new experiences, acceptance, spontaniety

bumblebee Jasper

sacral + solar plexus

Bumblebee Jasper

This beautiful stone, that occurs in shades of yellow , blacks, greys and browns, is formed inside a volcano, on the islands of Indonesia. It isn't easy to procure and is rare.  It is also known as Eclipse stone and as Fumarolic or Fumarole Jasper.  Technically, it isnt a jasper as it does not contain quartz. 

The colours associated with it are the same as a bumblebee, and this is where it gets its name from. The yellow in the stone is actually sulfur, which means this stone should be handled with care. 
The greys are deposits of ash, and the black is hematite. 

Spiritually bumblebee jasper is a stone of confidence. it is the product of fire , wind and earth. It shows us that even the mot violent circumstances have the power to create beauty. 
Sit with this stone when you want to find your joy again, and need the confidence to take life as it comes. 

*a stone of transformation
*encourages confidence and creativity as it balances both the sacral and solar plexus chakra
*helps release the stress associated with criticism by others
*clears any self imposed blocks
*brings a real boost of joy towards life, helping you find the positivity in all situations. 
*has a masculine and grounding energy
*encourages a good work ethic and discipline 

positivity, confidence, clarity, joy


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