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Fluorite Crystal


ZODIAC  :  Capricorn, Aquarius

planet  :  MERCURY

Known as the genius stone, Fluorite is one of the most effective stones known to aid mental clarity. It is a highly protective, from unwanted external energies, and keeps negativity at bay. It absorbs electromagnetic energies from cell phones and computers and purifies the environment. It helps to focus on the task at hand, clearing out all distractions. 

Keep a banded fluorite at your desk for clarity and decision making.


*prevents over emotionalism, encouraging practicality

*brings up emotional blocks for clearing, helping one recognize them

*helps with mental disorders

*gives an overview of the bigger picture

*brings stability to groups

*physically, is used for digestion, memory, weight and bone issues


colour: various / blue / green /purple / banded 


​  focus, clarity, protection, aura cleansing


Green Fluorite



Green Fluorite is a heart chakra stone, it brings the hormones into balance.  

*calms excess energy and clears out emotional trauma as it is a mental cleanser

*clears the enviorment   of negative energy and toxins but should be cleansed regularly without using salt

*enhances the power of affirmations and intentions

*it clears the Heart Chakra thereby clearing emotional blocks

Green Fluorite Crystal

green + purple fluorite



 A crown chakra stone , this enhances psychic awareness ( your intuition) and aids spiritual balance.

* stimulates the Third Eye Chakra and increases right brain thinking

*enhances psychic development

* promotes a completness and peace, understanding the larger plan.
*excellent meditation stone, as it helps you go into deeper states.

*helps to release fear based blockages


heart + third eye + crown 

Raindow Fluorite Crystal

*brings stability to groups, uniting them to work for the highest good of all

*cleans and purifies the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies

*brings focus and organization into your life

*works with the higher chakras to increase psychic awareness, intuition and spiritual knowledge

*dissolves undesirable behaviour that is blocking growth and brings it to the surface for healing

In addition, the following colours have the specific properties : 

Blue fluorite:  A Throat Chakra Stone, it enhances creativity and communication

*has a connection to the Akashic Records, which helps to reprogram the mind

*helps access knowledge from present and past lives

*focuses your strong points to enhances your potential to heal

*Blue fluorite enhances creative thought and clear communication. 

clear fluorite:

*balances all chakras, bringing universal energy into the body

*activates the Crown hakra to higher knowledge and communication with spiritual beings

*used with other crystals it enhances their power

 *helps to access a connection with the sub conscious mind

*can be used as a protection stone

Aqua fluorite:

*allows you to express your needs to other, without fear of being rejected

*infuses the heart with joy as it releases old anger, grief and emotional pain

*teaches that suffering is not necessary, and is a matter of perception

*releases pent up sadness and unresolved grief

Raspberry fluorite:  

*helps to reprogram the mind, making changes more permanent

*removes old and unwanted karmic programming

*instills a spiritual perspective and understanding that we are part of a universal plan

Yellow fluorite:


* enhances creativity and stabilises group energy helping everyone work well together. 
*stimulates, clears and heals mind related  such as intellect, visualisation, psychic ability and psychic healing

*gets rid of inner negative voices

*brings positivity into ones mindset




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