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 calcite Crystal



planet  :  VENUS, EARTH

​​​​Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energies. It comes in a variety of colours , thus resonates with various Chakras.


They are wonderful stones to have around the home or office, as they usher in positive energies. They help to clear negative energy and bring an increase in the good vibrations present.  

On a spiritual level, they stimulate your growth as they provide great clarity and insight.



* develops intuitive abilities

* clears the energies of a room, bringing in new energies

* allows for clarity in a situation where there is indecision

* enhances meditation​​​​


colours: green / pink / lemon / blue / orange / golden / clear with a waxy / glassy appearance 


green calcite


green calcite Crystal

A stone of abundance, that opens the heart to all forms of prosperity. Green Calcite brings emotional stability



*open the heart chakra to receiving

*finding new opportunities, acceptance, releasing the old 

*overcome addictions

*maintain the health of plants

*physically use it for lung issues, heartburn, joint pain, thymus, and kidney issues


colour: translucent waxy green

manago [pink] calcite


manago [pink] calcite Crystal

A stone of forgiveness , the lovely soft pink crystal connects you to the Angelic realm.

It also eases anxiety and nightmares. it is wonderful for those who have extreme personalities.. shy, wild, aggressive or nervous.



*teaches unconditional love and forgiveness

*increases self love and self worth

 *helps understand the cause of panic attacks

*healing for victims of trauma and assault


throat + third eye 

Blue Calcite Crystal

A soothing blue variety of Calcite that works with the throat chakra and third eye.

It is said to aid the healing of pain, in the bones and joints.It assists those doing any spiritual or psychic work.


*increases creativity

*has a protective energy for the aura and home

*boosts the flow of energy in the body clearing blocks

*a supportive stone when you are recovering from illness

*helps you understand the connection between your thinking and the events in your life.


Colour :pale light blue / grey to brighter blue. Waxy or soapy appearance.


all chakras

Optical calcite Crystal

A stunningly clear crystal, Iceland Spar amplifies provides clarity in situations. it is a soft mineral so should be handled with care as it is a soft stone.



*opens the crown chakra, to allow for insight from higher realms

*fills the aura with light

*teaches one to enjoy life

*clears unwanted energies from the aura

*promotes spiritual visions 

Golden * Honey calcITE

solar plexus

Golden Honey Calcite Crystal

A beautiful golden honey stone that  stimulates the mind and encourages new ways of thinking. it is a wonderful stone to bring positivity into your life. This stone has metal energy.


*aids the digestive system

*gives the necessary energy to initiate and complete new projects

*induces a deep state of relaxation

*uplifts the mood

In addition, the following colours have the specific properties : 

Orange Calcite:

*extremely energizing and cleansing for the lower chakras

*overcomes depression and anxiety

*balances the sacral chakra and its corresponding organs- gallbladder and intestines.

*helpful  in irritable bowel syndrome

Black calcite:  A high vibration stone  Black Calcite can be used for astral travel safely. It was used by Shamans in meditation and journeying of the self.


*a powerful protector crystal

*works with all chakras and has a strong grounding ability

 *use it to connect with your spirit guides

*placed under the pillow helps with restful sleep

*use it to help overcome depression as it clears blockages


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