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An Abundance Quartz Crystal is a "Host or 'mother' point with at least nine other points (or doubly-terminated crystals) around the base vertically. Quite Rare." The smaller crystals are usually less than 10 percent of the size of the larger crystal. Abundance Quartz is for development efforts aimed as securing one's future.  Like a plant with its seeds sprouting around it, an Abundance crystal is a source of regeneration and growth. 

Abundance Quartz crystals contain high concentrations of the Universal Life Force.  Their best use is as a talisman when the desire is to foster fertility.  They work well in gardens to bring crops to life, and in homes where children are desired.





Extra Terminations are mistakenly called Extra Terrestrial. 

ETs are transmitters of the Universal Life Force like all quartz crystals.  But they are special transmitters.  They are "Beam Splitters.

Extra Terminations take in Universal Life Force energy from their single termination, amplify it, split it, and broadcast it from the multiple terminations at its opposite end.  Think of it like a shower head taking in the pure water, amplifying it and splitting into a myriad of small jets. 

ETs are healing crystals when large areas of unbalance need correcting.  They are excellent crystals for giving strength when multiple needs all demand attention






Angel Crystals have an inclusion pattern that looks like angel wings. Sometimes its silvery white, other times it can be darker, depending on the included material. The Angel is exceeding rare. Should you be fortunate enough to acquire one, you have a true treasure. Angels are crystals that offer a channel to communication with the Spirit Guide realm.



Every crystal can potentially offer a conduit to a spirit guide. However, Angel crystals are optimized for this communication. Use them as mediation crystals when you are in need of spiritual advice.

Don't be surprised if you have to spend a little extra time working with an Angel crystal. They will facilitate your communication, but you have to have something to say when you use them! Be receptive, non-judgmental, and don't expect to always get answers





A variety of quartz named for the fancied resemblance of the crystals to the successive tiers of the Tower of Babel. 





A crystal covered or partially covered with smaller crystals. The larger crystal is the "Old Soul" and contains the wisdom and trust which attracts the smaller crystals. It is believed the Barnacle crystal will help stimulate family or group cooperation being excellent for those employed in "service organizations" to help stimulate a group cohesiveness and willingness to work together. Also a companion when having lost a loved one.






Crystals which have a curved shape or which the sides are curved. Produced during the developmental stages, this is a rare occurrence. They emanate a gentle yet powerful energy and can be used to cleanse the aura, promote flexibility in ones attitude, and provide strength in decisions, among other things. It allows one to see the inner workings of any situation and to understand the superficial and deeper meanings inherent in same.






A crystal that has a smaller crystal penetrating it and is located partially in, and partially out of the larger crystal. It grows at a right angle. It facilitates bridging between the inner and outer worlds, between the self and others, and the self and other worlds. It is beneficial when working with the aspects of spirituality, the advanced metaphysical areas, and attempting to share this knowledge with others. This is the ultimate spiritual teacher's crystal.

If the smaller crystal extends from the larger in both directions, and part of it is completely enclosed within the larger it is not a bridge, it is a Penetrator.  If no section of the smaller one is completely contained within the larger, and both ends protrude, then it is a Cross Crystal. If no part of the smaller crystal is completely enclosed by the larger and only one section extends from the larger crystal, then it is likely a damaged cross unless a clear termination is apparent.






 Spirit quartz is a crystal that has grown so fast that the end faces are incomplete and tiny faces terminate each point. The effect is a crystal that looks like a cactus. Spirit Quartz is one of nature's gifts to all of us.

Spirit Quartz brings us a very dynamic and joyful energy that should be a part of everyone's life.

Joy is a rare commodity in today's world. We often get so caught up in the mundane daily grind that we forget the true wonder of life.

Spirit Quartz brings the joy of life to us in seemingly unbounded quantity.

You should have a Spirit Quartz crystal or crystal cluster in areas of your home and office where you spend a significant amount of time. 





Candle quartz is recognized by a myriad of smaller terminations surrounding a larger central point. The smaller ones are usually poorly defined, looking a bit like dripping candle wax. The sides of a Candle Quartz often look and feel like a pineapple. If you know you have a dark shadow, and a potential to cause harm or grief to yourself or another, Candle Quartz will augment and focus your power to find, understand, and contain those impulses. It is a crystal of self-control. 






Rare. One prominent point with parallel points stepping up around all sides, rather like candle drippings." It is usually an opaque crystal formation of one main central point and surrounding parallel ones usually of different widths and lengths, but shorter than the main crystal, all growing on a common base.  If clear it is a Lightbrary.

These rare entities contain the knowledge of the Universe that humans can understand.  They are impersonal teaching crystals that can be accessed by careful study. 





Crystals which have grown together, free-standing or on a sandstone base.  A cluster will fill a room with positive energy and are therefore very useful for clearing negative energies from an environment.  You may want to use one when moving into a new home, or after an argument to calm the atmosphere. Clear Quartz can be used to foster protection, cooperation, purification, harmony, friendship and intimacy. Amethyst or Smokey quartz clusters can be used to keep the spirit centred, as they have a certain property that keeps all the energy centres in the body aligned, balanced, and in harmony with each other.






Crystals in which one crystal is in the process of consuming (engulfing) another. This mineral is a "stone for metamorphosis and progression". It can help one to flow with constant regulation through the many fluctuations necessary in the physical world.






 A Crystal that is naturally terminated (pointed) on both ends. These crystals don’t grow on a matrix like other crystals do. They form free-floating in clay pockets, that’s why they have two terminations. It is believed that they have the ability to receive or transmit energy from both ends and are especially useful when you need to share or exchange energy between you and another person.

They strengthen energy flow, and are used for alignment, patience, perseverance, protection, dreaming and astral projection. They promote psychic ability and dream recall; to balance the body, mind and spirit.






Host crystal with smaller, similarly aligned crystal(s) "riding" along one of its sides. One or both may be doubly-terminated.

Dolphins are crystals of teaching, sharing, enlightenment, nurturing, watchfulness, playfulness, and responsibility.  They are eagerly sought to teach us how to fulfill our natural responsibilities to the generations that follow.

Dolphin crystals are used extensively in meditation when one seeks to find ways to pass on knowledge, and to learn one's place in the natural evolution and growth of their family, and larger community. 

As a personal talisman, they make excellent aids in focusing and applying our efforts to educate, teach, and guide the young.





DRUSY (pronounced 'DREW-zee')


Very small points which are described as "a myriad of very closely set tiny crystals". The Drusy Clusters consist of tiny crystal points in their very formation, and are encrusted on either sandstone or quartz based matrixes.






The Elestial Crystal is recognized by natural terminations over the body and face of an etched and/or layered crystal. Used to assist one in overcoming emotional burdens, to bring the heart and intellect into synchronicity, and to help one look within and to find the love that has always been there.









Two larger parent crystals with one or more smaller "child" ones. Family Quartz crystal clusters are used in Feng Shui in the center of a home or room to focus the Universal Life Force on togetherness. They provide for strong family values and offer the Yin benefit of nurturing and health.





Crystals that are more cloudy ("fairy frost") and are sometimes opaque or milky in appearance. People who have difficulty relating to their feminine nature should use a feminine crystal in their daily routine. Whenever a person is suffering from an over-abundance of energetic forces or activities, using a feminine crystal can help to reduce the tension. Since we all possess masculine and feminine traits, it is best to have both in a crystal collection. However, if we have trouble balancing our two sides within, it might be helpful to own a crystal that allies with the side of ourselves that we have the most trouble coming to terms with.






Quartz included with sand that forms what looks like gardens within the clear quartz. G arden Quartz helps us connect to the Earth and her needs. The energies are grounding and loving, not particularly focused on the spiritual world above, but the real loving Earth below.






A crystal with six evenly spaced sides and six approximately equal faces that all centre at the tip. The base is usually cut flat when removed from the matrix to enhance the stance. They range in size from very small to very large and the energy and flow is not related to the size at all. Generators have the ability to store, amplify and transmit or generate energy.  Termed “THE” quartz crystal for the energy generation. Generator’s are a favourite of groups, placed at the centre of a circle they can help to direct group consciousness. They are also useful for stimulating all portions of the physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and subtle bodies. Small Generator crystals make excellent pendulums.







A crystal that has various cuts on the body that appears to have been done with a trim saw.  Thin, flat calcite crystals have interfered with the growth pattern of the quartz crystal. It is believed this crystal will help remove self-limitations and energy blockages so that you can be completely in command of your life.






Gwindels are stacked, twisted Double Terminated crystals that appear to have a slight to large rotation


Gwindel crystals are rare and expensive crystals.  They are difficult to acquire, and difficult to use with an unusual energy.  Normally they are excellent mediation crystals used when one seeks to understand complex and confusing situations.  When they work, they help untangle difficult situations. 

Often however, they seem to add confusion to a situation by generating multiple paths to a solution, each of which is flawed.




These crystals have twin points at a 90 degree angle. Very rare! Used to dissipate and to transmute deviations, working out problems on both the physical and subtle levels. Excellent for clearing the aura and for aligning the auric body with the physical structure. Stabilizes emotions, to dispel anger, and to encourage one to "expect a miracle" among other qualities.






The key crystal is recognized by a three or six-sided indentation somewhere on the crystal. It is believed the Key crystal can be used to unlock the doors to healing, help answer difficult questions, solve problems, and access information to that which is hidden.






A long slender crystal with small faces comprising the termination. The crystal is wider at the base than at the tip, and the angles of the sides of the crystal are curved, rather than straight, in many instances. These crystals have an intimate relationship with both inner and outer space.






A clear version of cathedral quartz . Library crystals are your storehouse.  Use them to pass on your unique views, your personal understands of the cosmos, and your personal wisdom.  The crystal will hold this knowledge and make it available to future generations. A Library crystal should be carefully protected, and be passed to a descendant later in life.  






A crystal with a small ‘baby’ crystal growing inside it. They are very rare. They are believed to help people who have had a traumatic, physically or emotionally, childhood. They are helpful for people who are blocking painful memories. They help bring the cause of the pain to the surface and allow the person to successfully deal with it, while shielding that person from the pain those memories can cause. These crystals work well for people who are working through current family problems. You should work slowly with this type of crystal, so that issues may be dealt with at a pace that is comfortable for you. Do not force yourself. When you are ready, you will find yourself drawn to the crystal. You may have the crystal for a long time before you are ready to use it.  You can use this type of crystal for meditation, or just carry it with you. You must, however, be prepared to deal with any issues that arise. Try to have some support around you when you start working with this crystal. They can also be used to facilitate artistic creativity, creative thinking, agricultural pursuits, and to increase or decrease any aspect of ones life.





The most clear crystals are thought of as "masculine crystals". Such clear crystals often emit the most intense energies making them very potent tools, especially for healing. The masculine crystal will provide positive assistance for those who are somewhat confused, or their overview of life is "clouded" by emotion. They are of particular benefit where action is required, and where physical exhaustion is a problem. Since we all possess masculine and feminine traits, it is best to have both in a crystal collection. However, if we have trouble balancing our two sides within, it might be helpful to own a crystal that allies with the side of ourselves that we have the most trouble coming to terms with.





Quartz, like other minerals often grows within a cavity inside a rock.  Often sold as a half sphere to show the design and beauty of the quartz crystals.






Recognized as a naturally formed crystal which at the base is penetrated by a rod; in actuality, the crystal formed around the rod. The sceptre crystal brings the spirituality of the higher planes into the healing ceremonies and focuses the energy deep within the "heart" of the matter. It is an excellent configuration for transmission of directional energy.





A self-healed crystal is one that has been broken and damaged quite badly, but then has proceeded to grow again and repair itself. Because these crystals have healed themselves, we view them as particularly powerful healing stones. These types of crystals, again, will most probably come to you at a time when you are carrying a great deal of pain, and most need their assistance.  Just sitting and holding the crystal will help you deal with any pain you are going through, but you may also choose to carry or wear one.





The spiral quartz crystal can be recognized by the twisted configuration throughout the body of the formation. It has been used to bring the universal spiral of energy to the physical body and to assist one in maintaining connection with the physical plane during meditation. It inspires the energy of love, such that all Chakras are activated into a spontaneous flowing movement, providing for a balance of the male and female energies.





A crystal with a flattened shape. To enhance communication, smooth energy flow and integration of ideas and balance; to facilitate understanding and dialogue between people; to help us communicate with nature.





Twin crystals have two terminations (points) at the same end, that have developed from the one base. These are wonderful crystals to To promote loving contact, tender communication and togetherness; to help find our soul-mate on a personal level; to teach us our souls are joined to all beings on a spiritual level. They can also help you gain insight into the underlying problems of a relationship, and guide you in working through them. They can also provide positive energy when working towards improving a relationship. This may not necessarily be a romantic relationship, but any type, such as friendships, or family members. A twin crystal with a rainbow is especially good for healing a damaged relationship, or keeping a relationship strong. It is not possible to use the twin crystal to help others with relationship problems, as one of the twins will be specifically tuned to your energies, therefore making them very personal crystals, to be used for your own relationships.  When you are having troubles with a relationship, sit quietly with the twin crystals and ask for guidance.





A crystal that is half masculine, half feminine (half cloudy, half clear). Embodies both aspects... the Yin and the Yang, providing balance.

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