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A Path Less Taken 

Getting to Know your Crystals

Arura Crystal

We all have friends, some of them are they type you can vent to, some we have fun with, some inspire...

And then there are some friends, who will come along and are a little bit of it all..

These are magical beings.. you wonder how God made them.. how they can be so beautiful, so cool, so wise.

Well that's a crystal you're talking about ! That's what they are to me.. The super cool friend , my go to when I'm down. When I'm looking to be inspired..

Beautiful and mysterious.. and always there..

But the thing with friendship is that one sided relationships don't work. You won't discover the magic of your new friend unless you spend time with them..

So pick up your stones every now and then.. and play.

A lot of people ask.. How do I use my new crystal..

Don't use it I say. GET FRIENDLY with it ! It's dying for some contact. So hold it in your HANDS (its like a hug :) ) .. Explore it's surfaces - there are sometimes hidden secrets that get overlooked.

CLEANSE IT regularly, or when you feel it may be drained.You will be able to attune to it once you've spent time with it.. After all these babies are working 24 x 7 to help you. - Sometimes your crystal may feel "dead" in energy. It needs a little recharge. Charging on a log of selenite, cleansing in water, or sage are options.

crystal Arura

MEDITATE with it . Think of it as a heart to heart talk. You share your problems , set down your intentions. And then listen to what it has to say..

You know how you feel when no one thanks you... Well the universe is based on the exchange of energy, and like any friendship.. remember to tell your crystal THANK YOU... show it some GRATITUDE.

HANG OUT more often with your crystal in Nature. That is their natural environment - so don't just leave it indoors, go lounge in a park, lay it in the grass, and at home , keep it among plants or on the windowsill - (some crystals fade in sunlight so you can keep them in moonlight)


There will be many more ways to get closer to your crystal friends. The closer you are, the better they can help. As you get to know each other, your bond deepens, you will hear them better and learn new ways to heal yourself..

This is a friendship for LIFE.


Your stone will never let you down... Nature is God s gift to us.. Go discover it's magic.

PS: I want to thank my friend LAPIS ! With who I co wrote this article :)




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